Protection for School Aid

Proposal One on the May 5 statewide ballot will guarantee that every penny of the school aid fund will be constitutionally protected to fund education where it helps kids the most — in our K-12 schools and community colleges.  Learn more about the proposal from the  “Safe Roads Yes” Coalition, which includes a growing list of supporters including teachers, bus drivers and school administrators.

Former School Chief Urges ‘Yes’

Former state School Superintendent Tom Watkins outlines his arguments for the the upcoming road tax reform proposal in this commentary posted to Mlive.  He foresees “devastating consequences to the people most in need of government’s help” if it fails.

Group Offers Advocacy Tools

For an educational viewpoint of Proposal One, check out an advocacy toolkit made available by “Safer Roads Yes” coalition partner, the Michigan Association of School Administrators.  It includes an FAQ that addresses the opposition question, “Is this a special interest money grab?” Answer:  Educating children should not be considered a special interest.


Why This



The May 5 statewide ballot proposal presents an important decision for voters who care about road safety, education for kids and help for low-income families.  It’s critical that people who care about children, youth and families research these issues and take the time to vote.  The measure, if approved, will guarantee that fuel taxes will be used exclusively for transportation safety — better roads and bridges — and that additional sales tax dollars will go to schools, local governments, mass transit and restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit for struggling families.  More for roads, schools, communities and families.

Remember. Children can’t vote. That’s why you should.

Who We Are

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