Advocates Size Up Capitol Changes

The voters have spoken. The 2014 mid-term elections ended with Republicans gaining new seats in the state Legislature last week.  What does this mean for child advocates? Read Matt Gillard’s blog about the changes in the Capitol and another piece by Teri Banas describing this time in between known as lame duck.

Sandbox News You Can Use

This post-election Sandbox Party bulletin offers insights on the results of the mid-term elections and how child advocacy must move forward in the coming Legislative session. A variety of insights are offered in the  Sandbox Party bulletin.

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You Voted. Now What?

Now that the election’s over, it’s a good time to develop a relationship with your newly elected representatives in order to share perspectives that are important to you and your family. In this blog, we offer tips on how to build a good relationship with the officials you voted for, and especially those you didn’t vote for, in order to work for change.  Read more


Why Get


We know that when people are informed about issues that impact families they are more willing and likely to speak up for children’s issues and support candidates — and elected and appointed officials — who put children and families first in their decision-making.

When government representatives make children and families a priority, it increases the likelihood for investments in health, social and education supports children need to succeed in school and in life.  Particularly for challenged children – those from low-income families and families of color – these investments are critical for building a brighter future for Michigan as a whole.

Why This



The 2014 election is a big year for big decisions.  And it’s hugely important for Michigan families.  The entire state Legislature — 110 House members and 38 Senators — are up for election.  On the federal side, Michigan has a U.S. Senate race, and all U.S. House seats are on the ballot.

The people elected to these positions will make decisions on policies impacting families and children, setting the direction for our state for years to come. That’s why it’s critically important that the people who are elected put children’s interests first.  The only way to make sure that our elected officials make children a priority is for all of us to become active participants in the election process.

Remember. Children can’t vote. That’s why you should.

Who We Are

The Michigan’s Children Sandbox Party is the state’s leading non-partisan grassroots advocacy network for children, youth and families. We advance state policies, practices and investments that support health, development and learning from cradle to career.

What We Do

Outreach. We alert you to opportunities to become an engaged voter and ways to reach out to candidates seeking public office.

Advocacy.  We offer you tips and tools to help you effectively engage candidates.

Information. We provide timely and valuable information about what is at stake in this election and whether the candidates are talking about it.

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