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Besides bridges and roads, schools will gain additional funds from the passage of Proposal 1 in May.  Show your support for our schools by writing a letter to the editor encouraging others to become informed about this important ballot proposal.  Check out  these sample letters and do stand up, speak out.

CRC Report
Answers Questions

The independent, nonpartisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan has drafted a 23-page report that details Proposal 1 relative to sales and fuel taxes, its constitutional impact and its trigger for enacting an entire package of laws. This is a comprehensive outline of the ballot question and important reading for voters who have lots of questions about what Proposal 1 will do.

Just the Facts

The Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) has created some neutral messaging for schools and municipalities for discussing the statewide ballot issue, Proposal 1.  See the MASA website for “What Every Citizen Should Know” materials, including a printable poster, postcards, flyer, a PowerPoint and sample press releases.


Why This



The May 5 statewide ballot proposal presents an important decision for voters who care about road safety, education for kids and help for low-income families.  It’s critical that people who care about children, youth and families research these issues and take the time to vote.  The measure, if approved, will guarantee that fuel taxes will be used exclusively for transportation safety — better roads and bridges — and that additional sales tax dollars will go to schools, local governments, mass transit and restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit for struggling families.  More for roads, schools, communities and families.

Remember. Children can’t vote. That’s why you should.

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The Michigan’s Children Sandbox Party is the state’s leading non-partisan grassroots advocacy network for children, youth and families. We advance state policies, practices and investments that support health, development and learning from cradle to career.

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